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LPS Ranch Photography

We’ve taken so many beautiful photos, we hated to keep them all to ourselves. All of our pictures can be seen on

Our specialties are waterfowl, wildlife and nature. All photos are places in eastern PA. If you see a photo that you’d love to have, most are available for sale. Prints of all types, as well as hundreds of keepsake type items (mugs, keychains, coasters and so much more). Click buy photo in SmugMug.



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cropped-cropped-img_1319 Accidental RVers - From house to almost homeless in 30 days. Follow us on or adventures into the RV world and the seemingly never ending struggle of living in an RV full time. I’ve been having fun redecorating and I’ll share pictures and stories.

lpslogosm Life At LPS Ranch is a must read if you love animals. Animals give us great joy, as well as pain; happiness and sorrow; good times and bad. They make us laugh and cry. They can be a blessing and frustrating at the same time. Most of all they make our lives complete.

img_0228 TJS The Bomb - From Show Horse to Kill Sale and Beyond - All too often well bred, well trained show horses end up at kill sales, for one reason or another. This is the story of how one American Quarter Horse got a second chance at life. TJ’s story started (when he was foaled) on April 23, 2006 in Angleton, TX.

all-horses My Life With Horses - My adventures into the equestrian world started when I was 5. My cousin put me up on her big Thoroughbred mare, taught me to sit properly and how to hold my reins and I was hooked. Years of hunt seat lessons, numerous injuries (myself & my horses), shows, late nights & early mornings at the barn, foals, boarding barns, farriers, trainers (both good & bad), having my horse on my property, having horses scare me so badly I almost quit and equine related jobs … horses have put me thru the wringer, so to speak.

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