After 20 years of marriage I found myself on my own. This is the first time in my life I didn’t have a critter. Pets weren’t permitted in the townhouse I was renting and I really missed my cats I had to leave behind.

Furball showed up just when I needed him most. The grey and white cat that kept showing up at my back door every evening when I got home from work. He’d howl to get in and I told him to go away – I couldn’t have pets. Keeping the slider closed and closing the curtains didn’t discourage him. He’d be there every day, asking to come in. I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened the door to go out to introduce myself and he bolted in. Now I had a large, strange cat in my kitchen looking for food. I dig around in the refrigerator for leftovers to give him. I gave him some water. I sat on the floor as he ate his fill. When he was finished he came over, rubbed against my leg and played on the floor like he owned the place. We visited for awhile. He was a very nice cat. He had to belong to someone, but he was very thin like he’d been a stray for quite some time. He went to the door and meowed. I opened the door and he left. The following day on my way home from work I stopped and bought some cat food and bowls in case he came back. He was there when I got home. I opened the slider and he ran in like he belonged there. I filled his bowls and gave them a home in the kitchen. He ate, visited and left. And so our relationship began.




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