Raisin – part 2

The poor little guy finally caught up on sleep and started being a dog instead of a lump in a dog bed. He started wondering around more and showing some interest in his toys. I quickly found out he wasn’t housebroken and he had no clue what come, sit or lay down meant. Our full grown dog started “puppy” lessons. Every night after dinner we’d go over basic commands – sit, lay down, stay, come. He wasn’t catching on. After almost a week he still had no idea what I wanted. We were starting to think we adopted the dumbest dog in the world. I continued our lessons, despite him not learning them. I tried different ways of asking the same thing, used treats as a motivator and still nothing. One night something in his little doggie head clicked. He understood everything I was trying to teach him and did it very willingly. I don’t think anyone ever tried to teach him anything and he didn’t know how to learn. Once he figured it out, he learned everything …. good or bad.

He was still underweight and it was cold so we bought him a coat. He wasn’t really thrilled, but it kept him warm. He was gaining weight and becoming stronger every day. His tail started to wag more. I think for the first time in his life he was a happy, although still scared dog.

We can only assume his prior training involved a good amount of beatings. Anything in your hand that Raisin thought could be used as a weapon sent him flying upstairs under the bed. Over the course of the first few weeks that we had Raisin we did several small projects around the house. The tape measure and a hammer sent him upstairs. Greg shaking the ketchup bottle resulted in more of the same. This poor dog. What a life he must have had prior to us.

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