Daisy – Puppy Lessons, Socialization & Exhaustion

Daisy’s lessons started right away with housebreaking being first. She also started learning come, sit, stay … all of the standard puppy things. She’s smart caught on quickly.

Since she could only be in her crate for a limited time, we took advantage of it and got her used to the truck. I put a “go bag” together for her and she went everywhere we could take her. Daisy loved going to the barn. She was fascinated by the horses, loved playing with the goats and there was people that made a huge fuss over her. My husband and I would take turns riding/puppy sitting. We sat on the grass next to the ring and goat pen so she had plenty to look at. We did this every weekend until she started to get car sick.



I work at home so every day I’d eat my lunch and we’d go out in the yard to play. It didn’t take her long to catch on. I’d put the food away and she’d demand to go outside immediately. After I was finished work, we’d go out and play for a half hour. It didn’t take long for (my) exhaustion to start setting in. Keeping Daismaniac out of everything was a full time job! The bigger she got, the more she was able to get into.

Fall turned into winter and we weren’t able to spend as much time outside so Daisy quickly learned how to terrorize inside. I was beginning to think our exhaustion was permanent and I knew winter was not going to be fun.

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