Our Shooting Star Burns Out (Jasmine)

Jazzie was so miserable being kept inside all of the time I started letting her in the back yard when I was going to be out. The warm sun and grass made her happy. There were feral cats in the area, and I didn’t want her to tangle with them. She has no idea they could do her harm. Mocha, Jazzie and I spent lunch outside and we’d go out for a while after work. She was content spending time in the yard but longed to be playing in the woods and following Furball. 

We were only in our new house a few months when we had carpet scheduled to be installed upstairs. Furball was out. Jazzie and Mocha were confined downstairs. It was noisy and the carpet layers were in and out the back door. Jazzie disappeared. I couldn’t find her anywhere. Greg came up to me and told me Jazzie got out somehow. Apparently, she saw the field across the street and made a run for it, unaware of road hazards. She was hit by a car and killed instantly. I was devastated. How could she have gotten out? I wanted to see her, but Greg didn’t let me. He buried her on the hill where she could look over the field and us. Our brilliant shooting star burned out all too quickly.



Mocha, Furball and Jasmine’s New Home

It wasn’t the farm, but it was ours. The yard was fenced so I didn’t have to worry about Mocha and there were woods at the back of the property for Furball to go off and do his cat things. He was a weary outside cat, so I didn’t have to worry about him getting near the road. Jazzy was too young and active to go out there so much to her dismay, she had to stay in.

Furball wasn’t happy about having to stay inside until he got used to his new home. I would have liked him to stay in longer, but he absolutely insisted he had to go out. I couldn’t stand the howling, pacing and scratching at the door any longer so I let him out the back door. He was cautious and happy to be out. He and Mocha hung out in the yard for a while. He jumped the fence and Mocha came in with me.

Now I had the other one to contend with. Jazzie couldn’t understand why Furball could go out and she couldn’t. She played with Mocha and “helped” me work during the day then bugged Furball at night when he came in. She wasn’t happy, but she dealt with her new-found situation.

Mocha seemed to have found a new friend. There was a yellow Lab that lived across the street. She’d go to the fence when she went out to look for her friend and they liked to bark at each other.

I guess between Greg’s guitars and Mocha’s barking, we were going to be the noisy neighbors …. Again.

Goodbye Farm

The farm was owned by an older couple. They bought it when they were first married and work it all of their lives. When they retired from farming, they built a house up the street on a different part of the farm. The rented out the original house. The land was farmed by someone else. He was very nice, she was a witch. We didn’t know what she was like until after we moved in and the guys next door told us.

It was summer and our neighbors had picnics. They always had friends over. We put signs at the barn to try to keep people away. Apparently they couldn’t read. We constantly found people messing with our horses. We talked to our neighbors about it, but that didn’t work and better than the signs. Having the horses with us was getting to be a problem.

We were there about 7 or 8 months. The owner had been coming down more and more to do things. His visits were during the day when everybody was at work. This would have been fine, but he found reasons to knock on the door and talk. I had work to do and really couldn’t deal with the interruptions. The more he came down, the bitchier she got. Then she started knocking at the door to yell at me. To this day I have no idea what she was yelling about. It was getting to be too much. We could see where this was probably going and we decided to move the horses to a near by boarding stable.

The horses were moved to their new home. It was a relief not to have to worry about people being around them. The fence came down and was stored in the barn with the rest of our horse things. We were still paying the extra for the barn so there was no hurry to get our belongings out. One night we came home from dinner out. I don’t remember why we went to the barn. We found the doors screwed shut and a no trespassing sign on the door. We weren’t sure what was going on. We didn’t do anything wrong. Nobody said a word to us. The following day we removed everything from the barn.

It was time to start looking for a new place to live. Life was getting more and more uncomfortable and I wasn’t happy about being home alone all day. The cats were no longer allowed out and my trips outside with Mocha were limited until Greg got home from work. In the midst of all of this we lost electric one day. The neighbors didn’t have any either so I called to report it. They said they never received our payment so they shut it off. I told them I’d give them payment over the phone but they needed to turn it back on because we had no water. Try to explain to an electric company employee from the city what a well was and how a well pump worked. I also told them they shut our neighbor’s electric off too. Within a few hours someone from the electric company was knocking at the door. We’d have electric back! They came to investigate why the neighbors had no electric and why none of us had water.  It turned out there was one meter for both houses. The boys had no idea because their electric was included in their rent. Greg and I had been paying for both sides of the house since we moved in. The electric company gave us a refund of everything we paid them since we’d been there and  sent the owner a bill. The bill would stay in his name until he installed a separate meter. To add insult to injury, he got a hefty fine for not having separate electric for each unit.

This s**t really hit the fan after that. Fortunately we bought a house, gave our written notice and just had to wait for settlement and moving day. It couldn’t come soon enough! Koko and Wrangler moved to a boarding barn. Mocha, Furball and Jasmine, Greg and I moved to our new house.


Jasmine – part 2

Jazzie was growing like a weed, but certainly not settling down. The bigger she got, the more things she could get into. Climbing up the screen was easy if you used the window to push against. When a window was closed, she’d sit on the top frame of the bottom window. I still don’t know how she didn’t fall off!

It was time to be spayed. The surgery went well. We were to keep her quiet for at least a week. You’ve got to be kidding! That was going to be an impossible task unless she stayed in a crate for a week. She was still a little groggy when she got home. I opened the carrier door and she immediately jumped up on the (chest) freezer and smacked Furball. This was going to be a long week! We finally got the ok for her to resume her normal, hell raising activities.

Furball decided she was old enough to go hunting with him. Every morning I’d let them out and she followed him across the back yard to the hedgerow. My daytime company left me and if was certainly quiet! They’d pop in during the day for a snack and off they went again, showing up in time for dinner. After dinner they stayed around.

On nice evenings both of them would go for a walk with us. There was a small stream on the property that only had water after it rained. Jazzy was fascinated by the water. One evening we walked to the bottom of the property where there was a larger creek. The silly cat started playing in it. The next thing we knew she was on a rock in the middle. Whoever said cats don’t like water didn’t know her! On the way back to the house I lost sight of Jazzy. I found her swimming in a small pool in the stream.

Summer or winter, rain or snow Jazzy was out, enjoying all the things that life brought. The horses got used to her blasting thru the pasture and into the barn. At night she’d crash on somebody’s lap or curl up with Furball.




Jazzy was like a brilliant shooting star that burned out all too quickly. She went 100 mph all day and crashed hard at night. She loved all life had to offer.

It was getting a little expensive to pay rent on the townhouse and board for my horse. My boyfriend and I were moving to a farm where we could have our horses. Furball had been mine for quite some time and I certainly wasn’t going to leave him behind when I moved. We decided he might like company so we went to the Humane Society to look at kittens. Greg’s daughter picked out a kitten and named her Jasmine. By the time we were ready to move Jazzy was litter trained and she and Furball were buddies.

They both loved the farm. A larger house to fun around, steps to race up and down. Furball could be out all day and not have to be on the lookout for other cats or traffic. When Jazzy was old enough to start going out, Furball stayed in the yard with her. They’d lay on the deck or in the grass. He never went far.

Jazzy was my puppy cat and loved to go for walks with us. On our after dinner walks, she followed us thru the fields, down to the creek and in the creek. I guess nobody every told her cats don’t like water. It was only a few inches deep so I didn’t worry about her being in it. She’d chase bugs and look for minnows. On our way home one day she lagged behind. I looked around and caught her taking a swim in a deeper pool she discovered. Every day after that it became a regular stop for her. We’d wait until she was done her swim and continue our walk.

In the house she was a terror. Racing around like a maniac, walking on the top of the window where they both meet, climbing up the screens. She’d finally crash and cuddle with us while we watched TV.

As long as the weather was nice, I left the back door open so Jazzy and Furball could come and go. I could see them on the back deck from my office. One day I heard a noise and looked to discover Jazzy bringing a 2′ snake into the house. I quickly ran into the laundry room and shut the door to prevent the snake from getting into the house. We didn’t need another episode like the time somebody brought a live mouse into the house, dropped it and both refused to catch it again. I separated kitten and snake, shuffled snake out the door and closed it with both cats inside.

All of us loved being at the farm. Jasmine would help us with outside chores, barn work and fencing. If we were outside she was always around us while Furball went off and did his own thing. Greg and I were on the back deck and Furball was in the middle of the yard. Jazzy came running thru the yard form the hedgerow. She caught her first bird and was bringing it to us. Furball ran up to her, snatched it right out of her mouth and took off towards the hedgerow. Poor Jazzy came up to us looking very disappointed. I told her it was a very nice bird and it was ok that she didn’t get to give it to us.